Professional Audio Systems (PAS) is celebrating its 47th year of designing and manufacturing technologically superior loudspeaker systems and components for the professional audio industry.

 In the early 1970s, Larry Doran, founder of PAS, saw a professional audio industry that was hungry for new ideas, particularly in the area of tour sound. Back then, most portable, high SPL sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems consisted of multi-box packages of separate Low Frequency, Mid-Bass, Mid-Range, and High Frequency modules. Not only were these systems not array friendly, but most lacked flyware altogether, and the idea of optimizing truck packs hadn't occurred to very many users or designers yet. At the same time listeners were demanding better audio quality and the venues themselves were becoming increasingly more diverse. Improvements in packaging, pattern control, and audio accuracy were among the challenges that professional loudspeaker system designers were facing.

To provide solutions to these challenges, Doran created PAS in 1975 and began building high quality loudspeaker systems for touring sound professionals in the Los Angeles area. The company's first products were immediately successful and throughout its twenty-five year history, PAS has offered a comprehensive product line of loudspeaker systems that have exceeded the standards of tour sound professionals and sound contractors worldwide, while maintaining the most competitive prices in the industry.

 In the late 70's, Doran and Chief Engineer Allan Sohl developed a new way to optimize the performance of a coaxial loudspeaker which was patented as "Time Offset Correction" or TOC™ . Although coaxial or concentric systems have always had a built in benefit of being packaged in a more compact enclosure than systems that employ a woofer with a separate high frequency horn/driver, their initial development presented inherent problems such as poor phase response, inferior power handling capacity, and extremely limited projection capabilities. In seeking a solution to these limitations, PAS created TOC™and applied this new technology to new transducers with high sensitivity and higher power handling capacity.

 TOC™minimizes the phasing problems and resulting sound loss created by the physical distance between the high and low frequency drivers in a coaxial loudspeaker by ensuring that the output of both devices arrives at the listener's ears at the same time. Originally built into passive crossover networks and later incorporated into active crossover networks, TOC™technology provided PAS sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems with a sonic realism previousiv available on lvin exoensive studio monitor designs.

PAS has continued to advance coaxial loudspeaker technology through its dedication to solving real problems in specific sound reinforcement applications. The introduction of the CX series, for example, saw the debut of a true Constant Coverage horn in a coaxial loudspeaker design. The CXL-2580C is a 15" concentric design that allows users to use virtually any 2" exit HF compression driver. The release of the PI System™for permanent installation brought the benefits of Time Offset Correction to sound

contractors, while the T series and Power Response lines combine compact design and outstanding sound quality for installers, working musicians, rental companies, and mobile Dis.

In recognition of its design innovations, PAS was nominated in November of 1996 for the prestigious Mix Magazine TEC Award in the category of Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology for the PAS TOC™ RS 2.2 dual 15" full range loudspeaker system.

Technical breakthroughs like Time Offset Correction™and the dedication to sonic realism in sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems have brought PAS to the forefront of a highly competitive business.With forty employees at its Carlsbad, CA facility, current operations include an active R&D department, an on site test lab, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping. An expanding national network of sales representatives and dealers handles the ongoing demand for PAS products. Offshore, a network of distributors sells PAS products in virtually every market, worldwide.


Professional Audio Systems (PAS) is celebrating its 44th year of designing and manufacturing technologically superior loudspeaker systems and components for the professional audio industry.

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